Copywriting & PR

Development of persuasive content

Words matter. 

You may have the slickest website and sharpest marketing campaign, but without the skills of an expert copywriter your marketing collateral will tank. 

At Cursor Studio, our copywriters are perfectionists. We strive to match you with writers at the top of their game and who have proven experience within your field. 

It’s all about words that engage, sell and convert browsers into long-term customers. 

And while we understand the importance of SEO, (don’t worry, we’re pros at making sure Google finds your site) our talents lie in creating copy that will captivate your audience…not robots. After all, if humans like your site, search engines will too. 

Whether it’s blog posts, marketing and advertising copy, press releases or your exciting copy just needs a little finesse and a sprinkle of our wordsmith magic, we’ve got you covered. 


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